Welcome to the Picture Car Warehouse

There are plenty of people in the picture car business. Few can match our history, diverse experience and success. No matter how big your project, we make the impossible possible. On-time and and on-budget everytime.

Who We Are

We are passionate hobbyists turned professional. Our 30+ year adventure continues, and we still have the same passion for what we do.

Our Mission

Our mission has been forged in steel and glass – it remains the same: to create the perfect car for the project, no matter what it might be. Big, small, here or abroad, we’re always ready to go.

What we do

We build, create, smash an rebuild cars – whatever you need, we do it. Engines, interiors, body work, paint, interiors, transportation, special effects. We’re a one-stop shop.

Our Promise

We are committed to transparency. We toil about the details up front so that there are no surprises or disruptions during production. We’ll tell you what it will take and how we’ll do it.

Straight Answers. 

With our huge inventory and access to cars that are just a phone call away, our resourcefulness is well-known in the industry. Got a tough project? Call us. We’ll get you the answers you’re not getting elsewhere.

Trusted By Industry Pros

Ask around. We’re pretty proud of our work – but we also remember that you’re only as good as your most recent job.

Wide Range Of Vehicles

Old. New. Crashed. Cool. Muscle. Rice rockets .Buses. Trucks. Even tanks. If it has wheels, skids or tracks, we have it – or we can get it.

Rent & Build

While we normally have the right car available rental, we have no problem building something to your exact specs – think Batmobile or Mad Max style.


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Meet the Team

Most companies will tell you that they’re comprised of a group of individuals who are passionate and skilled. We might be biased, but we certainly feel the same way. We’re proud of our history of accomplishing things that some say are just not possible. Perhaps it’s the challenge, perhaps it’s the reward.




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